Clemence Chipere

October 31, 1987

About Candidate


With the utmost enthusiasm, I would like to offer my services by putting forward my name in the hope of getting the honor of working for your organization.

I strongly believe my ambitions & capabilities would be well aligned with an organization striving to maximize profitability and would relish the opportunity of working with a goal driven organization. Furthermore, my double major at university in the field of Development & International Studies along with my experience makes me very dynamic in any work setting.


I have that crucial energy, vibrant nature and determination to grow in the field of Security and Sustainable Development. This is further reinforced by my internship and security experience ,working with people in a team setting. I have excellent attention to detail which I believe is vital for any position and everything I do will be focused on assisting the company in meeting all targets.

Aside from my technical competencies, I am a loveable personality who loves meeting new people and learning about new cultures and love working in a multicultural setting. I am a fast learner and highly adaptable to any new setting and believe I will be a great addition to the family. I am willing to accept responsibility & be held accountable for my own actions.

As an ambitious individual, I want to grow within your organization and help the organization grow by realizing its fullest potential and believe I have a lot to offer and believe loyalty to be my greatest attribute. I have attached my CV for a better understanding of me as a person and my general work experience.

Looking forward to being part of your organization’s dynamic team.

Yours sincerely

Clemence Chipere

Tel: (+263773849026)



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