October 3, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Aquatic Attendants must be alert and vigilant to ensure that the facilities are used safely both in indoor pools and open deck areas.
Must be able to control a crowd in all situations including a panicking crowd.
While assigned to waterpark/slide duties/pools – the Aquatic Attendant are responsible for the safety and orderly conduct of guests; safe entry and exit of riders from the slides, general crowd control and enforcement of associated procedures.
To report any horseplay or inappropriate behavior to supervisors as necessary.
Should report any safety or repairs/maintenance that may be needed for the areas he/she oversees.
Maintains constant surveillance of guests in and around the pool, acts immediately and appropriately to secure safety of guests in the event of emergency.
Provides emergency care and treatment as required until the arrival of emergency medical services as trained prior to assumption of duties by company dedicated company/individual.
Correct usage, storage and labeling of all chemicals and other applicable equipment.
Use of cleaning machines and equipment under the guidance of management to maintain the waterpark, waterslides, whirlpools and swimming pools to company standard.
When pool areas are closed, the crew will be assigned with cleaning tasks as directed by Pool and Deck supervisor or Housekeeping management such as cleaning of public areas around the pool, fecal accident cleaning, sun beds scrubbing, cleaning around the pool areas, assisting collecting plates and cups, packing up the sun beds


Recent experience in a water park, swimming pool or resort/Hotel pool area.
First aid certificate.
Lifeguard training certificate
Age: min. 21 years old
Good English skills ⠀
Must be a strong swimmer & comfortable around water.
Strong communication skills and comfortable speaking to English speaking guests ⠀
Jovial, happy and always smiling.⠀